Regenerative DNA Filament Cream

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and repair emulsion

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A moisturizing emulsion that protects the DNA from external aggressions and from premature aging, reinforcing epithelial hydration and regeneration. 50ml container.

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Indicated for

  • Mature skins, over 40 years old
  • Shock treatment for young skins that show signs of premature aging
  • celular Reduction of wrinkles fruit of cell aging


  • Firmer, more elastic, and radiant skin
  • Fights the visible signs of aging
  • Reduction of fine wrinkles

Main active ingredients

  • Sodium DNA

Instructions for use

Apply every night on clean skin before going to bed

Dry skins: an intensive use is recommended. Apply every morning and every night for 2 weeks

Mature skins: apply every night for 4 weeks

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