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Spring 2010

On doctor’s orders

Medical cosmetic treatments. Science and research are on your side so that you can apply treatments equal to those offered by the best beauty institute from the comfort of your home. You are in good hands.

Epidermal Growth Factor Cream
125€, Medical Beauty. Created by the plastic surgeon Pedro Arquero, this cream increases skin thickness, returns its elasticity and firmness, diminishes the effects of cellular oxidation, and reduces wrinkles. It’s the ideal treatment after a laser treatment, skin peel, or surgery.

tratamientos medico cosmeticos factores de crecimiento del doctor arquero



Medical Beauty para Quality SpaNovember 2008

Scientific cosmetic

Medical Beauty‘s rose hip extra virgin oil, which is enriched with vitamin E, comes from Chile’s Lake District. It is ideal for the dermatologic treatment of scars and is effective to both soften expression lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks and to depigmentate hyperpigmented skins.

cosmetica medica aceite de rosa mosqueta



November 2008

The perfect gaze

Dark under-eye circles

They very often have a genetic cause, and most of the time they are fruit of excessive skin pigmentation in the area or a result of fragile blood vessels which cause vascular congestion.

They can be prevented by moisturizing the area on a daily basis with a decongesting and tonifying cream and by using sun protection.

Treat them every day with Medical Beauty’s vitaminic serum, €45. It is a powerful calming treatment that reduces dark circles beneath the eyes caused by pigmentary deposits of diverse origin.

It’s best feature: it’s formula based on vitamin K which has properties that contribute to correct blood coagulation.

serum de vitamina k en ultimate



October 2008

Facial mesotherapy:
renewed skin

Mercedes Lodeiro – A person’s age and certain genetic or environmental factors, such as the sun or the cold, have an effect on skin aging, that is, on the decrease of the activity of cellular metabolic processes. This causes skin degradation along with the loss of the activity of different substances responsible for the skin’s turgidity and glow. Although the skin and the tissues it’s made up of can regenerate, this ability slows down with age and eventually even stops.

The Kayros method to reinforce the natural skin regeneration process is applied at doctor Arquero‘s clinics, both in Vigo and in Madrid. According to Yago de Andrés. sales manager, it’s an aesthetic medical procedure, not a surgical one, to rejuvenate the skin from the inside-out. It consists of skin stimulation and nutrition in order to give vigor to the face and body without surgery.

Blood oxygenation

Through the mesotherapy technique applied by doctor Ana Lahuerta, at the level of the dermis the skin is provided with plasma that is rich in platelets, nutrients, aminoacids, coenzimes, minerals, nucleic acids, and vitamins. These elements boost the content of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans in the skin achieving its revitalization.

Platelet-rich plasma is obtained by extracting a small quantity of blood from the patient and spinning it in a centrifuge to increase the oxygen amount. It is then reintroduced into the patient’s skin to make it look more alive.

Very fine needles are used to insert these substances into the skin in order for them to go to work at a dermal and epidermal level restructuring the skin’s volume and tension. The goal is to achieve a more hydrated and glowing skin, a more even skin tone, and an increased elasticity and turgidity so with by correcting the signs of aging, the face looks younger. An anesthetic cream is applied prior to the procedure in order to minimize the discomfort caused by the injections.

The treatment is performed in three sessions, with an interval between sessions of 20 or 30 days. From then on, the result is maintained for around a year or a year and a half, depending on the skin type. After this time span a fourth follow-up session is usually performed.

Who it is for

The Kayros method is for those people who wish to revitalize their skin through a nutritive process that repairs the skin without surgery. It allows to soften the signs of photoaging and to slow down those cause by aging. The most spectacular results are achieved on the most damaged skins.


Regenerative DNA Filament Cream

The DNA used in cosmetics is from plant or fish origin. This substance has hyaluronic acid that has a strong power in retaining water which prevents dehydration. Medical Beauty’s regenerative DNA filament emulsion provides the skin with nucleic acids. This protects the DNA against external aggressions, reinforces skin hydration and antioxidant power, and boosts the regeneration of epithelial tissue, preventing premature skin aging and softening wrinkles. This cream provides the skin with the necessary elements so that it can regenerate on its own. It should be applied every day or night for at least 40 days. Its use at night is recommended because it works while the body rests. It is also specially recommended for women over 40 to maintain or recover the skin’s smoothness and elasticity.



October 2008

30 Creams that change your face

The cosmetics that are succeeding over all others have more and more active ingredients, have been developed with cutting-edge technology, and are backed by anti-aging experts. Most brands won’t ring a bell but they will end up being indispensable. At Ultimate we have chosen the 30 most impressive.


WHY: : epidermal growth factors increase skin thickness, elasticity, etc.
IT’S DIFFERENT DUE TO: the cellular cloning of the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which has been developed through genetic engineering and which is the most efficient regenerator of facial wrinkles.
FOR WHOM: it is ideal after a laser treatment or a peeling.
YOU’LL NOTICE: a more elastic and firmer skin.
PRICE: 50ml., 125€. 50ml., €125. It can be purchased at

crema de factores de crecimiento en ultimate 12


Gourmet cosmetics

Foods that beautify

Get involved with a new type of beauty that seeks the most playful point of your existence by involving the five senses. Raspberry exfoliants, anti cellulites with chocolate, fig moisturizers, caviar facials…Getting hungry? That’s their aim but they also strive to delight your eyes, stimulate your nose and pamper your sense of touch. These products’ effectiveness is wrapped in aromas, textures, and appearances that will take you to a new universe full of pleasant sensations.

And don’t think that gourmet cosmetics are a frivolous and passing trend. The more fun side of these products is only an added extra to their real purpose: an effectiveness that is completely free of doubt. Behind each one of them are carefully prepared formulas, years of research, and cutting-edge technology which turn these products into something unique, capable of uniting different benefits for your skin with a sensorial awakening that will uncover a new and different way for you to approach the world of cosmetics. If you fully enjoy life’s pleasures, even the smallest ones, you will love these products that have been designed to be enjoyed from the very beginning. Welcome to the most delightful cosmetics.

cosmetica gourmet en ultimate 12
  • Cocoa: An ally in anti-aging due to its antioxidants and it appears to be effective in the battle against cellulite.
  • Raspberry: An ally of aged skins due to its high vitamin E content. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Honey: An ally of the most delicate skins due to its high vitamin and mineral content. It moisturizes, nourishes, softens, ...
  • Caviar: An ally of skin regeneration due to its content of amino acids, mineral salts and oligo elements.
  • Fig: An ally of skin hydration due to its high water content and its antioxidants.
  • Lemon: An ally of normal to oily skins due to its astringent power. Its fresh aroma is perfect for the summer.

CAVIAR NUTRITIVE CREAM, Medical Beauty (50ml. 93€)

An exclusive anti-wrinkle formula backed by the renown Dr. Arquero which contains microencapsulated caviar liposomes, collagen, elastin, and vitamin A and E. You can find it in aesthetic beauty centers and at
Its best feature: the encapsulated caviar oil in spheres made of agar and alginic acid guarantees the product’s freshness.



Sun spots? Dr. Arquero has the solution

Medical Beauty’s clarifying emulsion (50ml., 78 €), with kojic acid, which directly inhibits the activation of the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of melanin, controlling the skin’s melanocyte activity.

Medical Beauty's clarifying emulsion is designed to diminish skin spots caused by pregnancy, contraceptive pills, freckles, menopause, excessive sun radiation, etc. It can be directly applied on a localized spot or used regularly to diminish the skin’s tone. It contains solar protection factor 10 to reduce the effects of UV rays. It can be combined with other regenerating products such as the aloe vera gel.

Clínica Arquero, Madrid and Vigo.



July 2008

Clínica Arquero’s
cosmetic line

After two years of research, Clínica Arquero has recently put its cosmetic line Medical Beauty on the market. This cosmetic line is based on two main pillars: the selection of the best active ingredients and an experience which is guaranteed by Dr. Arquero’s 20 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

articulo aceite rosa mosquteWe have tried his creams at Ultimate and we don’t hesitate in recommending his rose hip oil of exceptional purity (99.5%). The remaining 0.5% is vitamin K which acts as an anti-oxidant.

The rose hip used for Dr. Arquero’s oil comes from Chile’s Lake District. It is obtained through the first cold-pressing system, which is the same system used for highest quality extra virgin olive oil, in order to avoid altering its properties and purity.
30 ml., 48 €. To be found in aesthetic centers. Shop online at



June 2008

Creams doctors use

Medical Beauty is an advanced medical cosmetic line that has been developed over two years by a team of biochemists and doctors, experts in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, under the close supervision of Clínica Dr. Arquero that has over 20 years of experience in those fields.

medical beauty en telva

Highlights: Pure Rose Hip Oil, Vitaminic serum, Epidermal Growth Factor Cream, Aloe Vera Gel, etc.

Price: from €45 to 125€.

Where: Clínica Arquero.
  - Don Ramón de la Cruz, 33. Madrid. Tel. 91 309 29 06.
  - Pza. de Compostela. Vigo. Tel. 98 643 22 34.


June 2008

House doctor

No, we are not suggesting you to kidnap your aesthetic doctor. For some years now, the doctors’ cosmetic brands are trend in the U.S.A. What is their formula for success? Products with a high concentration of active ingredients backed by experienced scientists. Some of our doctors have taken good note of this.

Beauty is recognized
Dr. Arquero, a renowned professional in the field of plastic surgery who has centers in Madrid and Vigo, has just developed his own cosmetic line called Medical Beauty which unites medical knowledge with that of traditional cosmetics. “Our creams have been tailored to meet women’s needs and are very rich in active ingredients.”

It is ideal for the treatment of all sorts of scars. More than 99% of the product rose hip. 30ml. 48€.



February 23th 2008
YO DONA - El Mundo supplement

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Next generation cosmetics

Medical Beauty
Gel de Aloe Vera (27€)
Calming effect



February 8th 2008

Medical Beauty:
Take years off your ID

Once wrinkles deepen or skin spots appear, the solution is to go to a specialist. Peelings, infiltrations or fillers can erase years off a face. However, it is necessary to maintain that “step back in time” with a couple of yearly follow-up sessions.
In order to postpone these follow-up sessions, doctor Pedro Arquero has formulated several skin creams that extend the results of the treatments. Amongst these you can find the Epidermal Growth Factor Cream which accelerates the healing of scars, eliminates acne marks, and regenerates the skin after a peeling; the Regenerative DNA Filament Cream which provides cellular protection against external agents; the vitaminic serum that is recommended both before and after aesthetic infiltrations in order to prevent bruising; or the Aloe Vera Gel to calm itching and increase the circulation in the laser treated areas. This way you will be able to take years off the birth date on your ID. Information: