Medical Beauty cosmetic line

Only the best active ingredients lead to optimal results.

Summary table of the Medical Beauty Serums
    Moisturizing Nutritive Regenera. Anti-aging. Skin type Use  
rosa mosqueta PURE ROSE HIP OIL All/td>  
aloe vera ALOE VERA GEL     Sensitive  
vitamina k VITAMINIC SERUM         Trauma-
vitamina c VITAMIN C GEL   Punished  

Medical Beauty Serum Cosmetic Line:


Rose hip extra virgin oil which is more than 99% pure and is enriched with vitamin E is one of the most powerful skin regenerators. It is ideal for the treatment of ugly scars fruit of traumatisms, surgery or burns. It is also effective to soften expression lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

rosa mosqueta


This gel produces a calming and regenerative effect which moisturizes and softens the skin. It has a powerful bactericidal, fungicidal, healing, and antiseptic activity and it is also anti-inflammatory and calms itching. It accelerates the cure of sores, wounds, and all kinds of burns. It also gives good results in cases of psoriasis and eczematous eruptions.

aloe vera


This calming emulsion clears and soothes skin reddening and irritation, and also works well in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Also, it has an excellent action in lightening the dark circles under the eyes. Its use is also highly recommended both before any infiltration and any other type of aesthetic procedure, in order to prevent hematomas, and also after the procedure, to reduce them.

serum vitamina k


This highly protective and repairing gel acts in the synthesis of collagen production. In combination with vitamin E, it also stimulates the skin’s own defenses and slows the aging process caused by atmospheric oxygen, solar radiation, and environmental pollution.

gel vitamina C

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